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How we started..

Our "love affair" with water ionizers started a long time ago and grew out of personal experience where injury and recuperation were involved.

The founder of the Company, one of the early Lithuanian businessmen Vytautas Kriove, picked an idea after undergoing a heavy trauma.

One hot summer day of 1988, hanging out with family and friends, he jumped head first from a footbridge into the lake. Alas, the water there was only knee-high. The fifth neck vertebra was fractured in five places. The following six months were spent lying on hospital bed paralyzed from the neck down. The former sambo wrestler was fortunate enough to have well formed neck muscles, which saved his spinal nerve from severing. This supported the hope of recovering one day. Spending time in a supine position without movement took its toll pretty soon- the bedsores developed and they were resistant to treatment. A colleague, chemic by profession, offered Mr. V. Kriove to treat bedsores with ionized water, and the latter agreed. At first, ionized acidic water compress was applied to disinfect the sores, then ionized alkaline water lotion was kept to activate skin cell regeneration. The procedure was repeated five times a day. After ten days, when bedsores disappeared, Vytautas Kriove pledged himself to find out more about ionized water.

However, it took some time for this experience to bear fruit. After spending years in timber business, in 1995, he decided to undertake the industrial production of domestic water ionizers, thus becoming a pioneer in the field in Lithuania.


Founded in 1995, Burbuliukas & Co operates in the area of wellness and healthy living. The company manufactures water ionizers with a unique structure that uses electrolysis to transform the properties of regular water.

Barbuliukas & Co is a pioneer of electrochemical activation both in Lithuania and Western Europe. It has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this field. All of the company's devices are patented and certified. Only environmentally-friendly materials are used in their production, making them safe to use.
The water ionizers manufactured by Barbuliukas & Co are the only devices of their kind that can also produce silvered water!