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Maintain a balanced healthy life with ADROP Silver Water Ionizer

ADROP Silver Water Ionizer

A portable Water Ionizer for your home or office, easy to carry anywhere. Live in a healthy way with ADROP Silver Water Ionizer.

ADROP is a domestic water ionizer with flat electrodes, featuring a unique water silvering function. Mobile, compact, safe and easy to maintain, it is a perfect choice for health-conscious individuals and young families with children.
If you are keen on eating well, you probably already know that balanced nutrition is very important. The first step towards healthier living should involve drinking your daily dose of healthy water. A quality water ionizer will best cater to your daily needs, producing high alkaline, richly oxygenated water right when you need it.

Product Information

  • The volume of the device is 3 liters - Alkaline water 2.3 liters & Acidic water 0.7 liters Or Silvered Water 3 liters
  • Anode (the dark electrode) is produced by using rare inert metals and oxide mixtures on the titanium base. These electrodes have good electrochemical and physical-mechanical properties. Their longevity or life span is very high.
  • It can achieve wide range of pH (3 to 11).
  • Adrop is the only water ionizer in the world with silver water function & uses the purest silver (99.99)
  • The device is free from BPA & 200 more hazardous substances in plastic.
  • Appliance weight – 1.2 kg