Why should we drink alkaline water
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Why should we drink alkaline water?

Water is the source of life. At birth, our bodies contain more than 90% of water. However, the amount of water tends to dwindle with the passage of time. For instance, the average adult body already contains 60-70% of water, and in the eight decades of life – even less. This “drying” process is accompanied by weakening functional capacities and gradual physical deterioration, known as ageing...

There are dozens of reasons to drink ionized alkaline water. Here are the most important:

To get a source of powerful antioxidants.

In order to strengthen the immune system, the damaging effect of free radicals has to be reduced. This is exactly what antioxidants do.

Antioxidative effect can be easily measured using ORP value. The more negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) value, the higher antioxidative effect is. If the ORP value is positive, the substance oxidizes, which accelerate ageing process.

To keep the right pH balance in body and avoid acidification.

One of the main pillars of good health is acid-alkaline balance. Unfortunately, most food and drink products available today are rich in acidifying substances. This include meat and meat products, eggs, wheat flour products, coffee, alcohol, pasteurized juices, fish and sea food, bread, sweets, soft drinks, etc.

The list of alkaline products is much shorter: fresh fruit and vegetables, lettuce, potatoes, natural mineral water and a few others. It is clear that maintaining an acid-alkaline balance by means of nutrition only can be quite a challenge. So everyday intake of ionized alkaline water can be vital for maintaining acid-alkaline body balance.

To enhance hydration and have better metabolism.

Due to smaller molecular formations, ionized water immediately passes through cell membranes and integrates into metabolism. The body doesn‘t have to waste its energy anymore to decompose the complex molecular structure. This is why Ionized alkaline water is much easier absorbed by our body than the regular water. This also allows our body to remove toxins much faster with no extra stress caused. Ionized alkaline water absorbs water faster and is removed together with toxins.